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RIP Lures®: 100% Fishable memorial fishing lures that celebrate our loved ones.

RIP Lures® team creates quality fishing lure memorials incorporating your loved one’s ashes. The lures are fused and filled with the ashes of the deceased person that you hold dear. Based in the fishing state of Wisconsin, we offer free shipping throughout the United States.

RIP Lures® capture the respect, love and memories that are held by those that lost someone who loved fishing. We recognize the deep meaning inherent in the life of an ardent fisherman or woman. Our cremation lure keepsakes are the consummate way to remember a beloved fishing partner, friend or family member and are designed to be touched, treasured and even fished with.

Select a lure for a pure memorial and decorative purpose or take your RIP Lure® out on the water. All RIP Lures® will contain the cremation ashes of your loved one. Our team can add initials or short words as well, depending on lure type, shape and size.

Thane Holland

Thane (written by Nathan)- Thane is a world traveler and entrepreneur. I think he's been to 60 plus countries. He's worked with many of the largest big box and distributors in the country. He also sucks at fishing despite the trash talking he does. If I hear him brag about saltwater fishing being better than freshwater again, I'm going to open a can of whoop ass on him. He's a motivational person and great in business.

Nathan Fietz

Nathan (written by Thane)- Nathan has won the Dad of the Year award for 12 years running. He is a family man, a hard worker, a great manager of people and he does what he says. One day, he'll be in the Bass Masters. He'd be there already if he listened to me and took notes while we fished. Oh yea, Nathan couldn't catch a rock in saltwater.

“Our story is simple. We are two fishermen and life-long friends. We LOVE TO FISH. We understand the deep friendships and relationships that exist between fishing buddies and family members. While fishing together one day on a shimmering Wisconsin lake, we joked that if one of us died, the other should fish with our favorite lure filled with our ashes. Then we sat in silence with our thoughts until we promised ourselves that this was exactly what we would do. We’d like to do it for you, too.”

Fishing Family Reviews

“We had been trying to find a way to remember Dad that made sense to who he was.  RIP Lures was the answer and as soon as we get our order back – we are all going fishing together.  Thanks and hugs.”
North Carolina

“After hearing about your site I made my friends and family promise that they would send my ashes to you if I died.  I want to be fishing with them, always! Great idea.”


“Brandon was the best of the best.  He was a wise, patient and smart fisherman- even when he cursed!  Thanks for the RIP Lure, guys.  Wherever Brandon is now he is having a great laugh.”


“I cannot thank you enough for this service. Dad passed 2 years ago. We spent hours and hours on the water. I sent RIP Lures his favorite Musky bait (which I treasure).  Now I can fish with my Dad every time I am on the water. I’ve actually fished with the bait and caught a couple Northern with it. No musky yet….but I know he laughs his ass off from upstairs everytime I get a fish ‘on!”

Upstate NY

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RIP Lures® leads the market with quality, respectful and fishable cremation lures. Made with Respect for fishing and Respect for your loved one.

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