RIP Lures® Rest In Peace Memorial Lures

When your order is received, RIP Lures® will send you a Remembrance Kit which includes a small sift proof container in a sealed plastic bag for you to place the ashes in. The kit will include a Postal Service Cremated Remains label (Label 139), and instructions on how to post the ashes to us. While it is not required, we would appreciate a few words about your loved one so that we may consider him or her as we create your RIP Lure. We request that you post it back to us via Registered United States Post Office mail. The United States Postal Service offers the only legal method of shipping cremated remains domestically. We recommend you use a Priority Mail Express box. The Postal Service offers the boxes free to customers who use Priority Mail Express service. Use the Postal Service Cremated Remains label (Label 139), which is available at your local Post Office™ and also included in the Remembrance Kit. This link from USPS provides complete instructions for mailing cremated ashes: https://about.usps.com/publications/pub139.pdf

DANG RIGHT THEY DO! Of course it also depends on who is holding the rod 😉 Our only goal is to provide RESPECTFUL MEMORIALS that are FISHABLE. Whether you send us a lure or choose from ours, you’ll have a bait that will catch fish that your loved one would be proud of. Of course you can frame your lure or mount it on your boat, vehicle, etc. But the feeling you get when you catch a fish with your RIP Lure® may bring you to tears. We’ve caught fish with our own RIP Lures® and the emotion is amazing. It’s like your loved one is there with you. Up there smiling down and laughing. You can feel the love.
Only a very small amount of ash is required to create our lures. 2 teaspoons per lure is more than enough for every lure. We will return all unused ash to you along with your RIP Lures®.
Depends on lure type. Small lures typically show a concentration of ash. Larger lures, such as Musky or larger saltwater baits are less visible due to the size of the bait. Typically the ashes will not be visible in the proprietary and patent pending process we use to infuse the body of the lure with the ashes. However, you may notice some subtle, grey or dark specks in the lure. This is also dependent on the final painting process. But remember, ashes will be inside of the body as well.
Of course. We encourage it. This is the majority of our memorials. Every fishing family has baits that were special to someone that we love. If you have a lure that your loved one used or you feel emotionally connected to, just send it to us. Once we receive it, it goes through the RIP Lures® Process and will be returned to you as a fishable bait. Remember your RIP Lure® is a memorial artistic expression, even when it serves as an actual fishing lure.
Absolutely. We invite you to discuss the possibilities with us. Please send us a note via the contact form so we can make your loved one proud.
Yes, we would be happy to mix the ashes of any loved individuals. We’ve mixed ashes for Mom and Dad, uncles and aunts, siblings, and even pets.
If your loved one was not cremated but you do have a lock of hair, we can still create a RIP Lure® for you with a filling process as opposed to an infusion process. Please contact us if this is your preference. Our goal is to give you a memorial. Send us your lure and our team will create your memorial accordingly.
Once we have received the ashes the order will take approximately 4 weeks to custom make. Delivery time frame within the Continental US is usually 3 – 5 business days depending on your location. We do not charge for shipping in the United States. Remember, this is a custom process and we make our RIP Lures® with RESPECT for the family and those we’ve lost. Due to increase demand we are currently experiencing about a month plus turnaround.
Yes. We can use short words or names like ‘Dad’ or similar titles as long as they will still fit properly on the lure design. Please contact us with special requests. Our team will do the best to accommodate all requests. But please remember that smaller lures have less surface area, so we don’t recommend a lot of words. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, But we will also speak clearly and honestly if we think it may affect the design of the lure.
Yes, we will ship anywhere in the world for an additional expense. Please contact us so we can give you a shipping quote. We will need to inform you of how to ship your ashes to us.
Awesome! You can share your pics on any of our social media channels, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We would love to share your pics with the world. The felling you get when you catch a fish with RIP Lures® is truly amazing. Life is good. Let’s share and remember the ones we love. You can always share on your social media, just add our hashtag or tag us! #restinpeacelure
Yes, we can frame your RIP Lure® in a shadow box or in a respectable gift box. All lures by default are returned in a gift box with a hand written note. At the end of the day, we are all in this together. And we respect the process of honoring those we have loved and miss.

RIP Lures® leads the market with quality, respectful and fishable cremation lures. Made with Respect for fishing and Respect for your loved one.

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