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Cremation Lures
Custom Cremation Lures - RIP Lures® 100% Respect
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Be with your loved ones.
Fish together and forever,
with RIP Lures®
RIP Lures® donates 5% of all profits
to The C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation.
RIP Lures® capture the respect, love and memories that are held by those that lost someone who loved fishing. We recognize the deep meaning inherent in the life of an ardent fisherman or woman.

Memorial Lures

RIP Lures® team creates quality and fully fishable memorial cremation lures from your loved one's ashes. The lures are fused and filled with the ashes of the deceased person that you hold dear. Based in the fishing state of Wisconsin, we offer free shipping throughout the United States.

RIP Lures® Process

Decide if you want to send us your loved one's favorite lure or if you want to select one of our proven favorites. Either way, we craft a 100% fishable memorial lure in you loved one's honor that contains their ashes, both inside and out.

We send you a Remembrance Kit to make it easy for you to send us the ashes. The kit includes the container, a biodegradable spoon, a bag & instructions. All per USPS guidelines.

Our Featured Lures!

100% Fishable Memorial Lures to remember those we love and lost. Made with respect for fishing and your loved ones.


Big Eye’d Crank~ 6-9 ft


Dragon’s Breath Crank ~ 5-8 ft


Lipless Crank ~ 5-7 ft


Fishing Family Reviews

“We had been trying to find a way to remember Dad that made sense to who he was.  RIP Lures was the answer and as soon as we get our order back – we are all going fishing together.  Thanks and hugs.”
North Carolina

“After hearing about your site I made my friends and family promise that they would send my ashes to you if I died.  I want to be fishing with them, always! Great idea.”


“Brandon was the best of the best.  He was a wise, patient and smart fisherman- even when he cursed!  Thanks for the RIP Lure, guys.  Wherever Brandon is now he is having a great laugh.”


“I cannot thank you enough for this service. Dad passed 2 years ago. We spent hours and hours on the water. I sent RIP Lures his favorite Musky bait (which I treasure).  Now I can fish with my Dad every time I am on the water. I’ve actually fished with the bait and caught a couple Northern with it. No musky yet….but I know he laughs his ass off from upstairs everytime I get a fish ‘on!”

Upstate NY

RIP Lures® leads the market with quality, respectful and fishable cremation lures. Made with Respect for fishing and Respect for your loved one.

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